Arguably the most important part of any sound system so don't leave it to chance.

Let Kirkpatrick Sound Engineering make the right choice of loudspeakers for you. Loudspeaker design has never been as good as it is now but this has brought a massive increase in the different types of loudspeaker available making the right choice bewildering to the layman but much easier for the expert who is right up to date with the latest technology.All the more reason not to just go to anyone.

Use our expertise to choose the best loudspeakers for your environment and needs.

Loudspeakers that meet our demanding standards are invariably designed and manufactured by companies that share our passion for excellence in creating warm accurate natural sound such as those shown below:

Alcons loudspeakers
Electro-Voice loudspeakers
SoundTube loudspeakers
Traction Sound loudspeakers
Tannoy loudspeakers
RCF loudspeakers Fohhn loudspeakers

Kirkpatrick Sound Engineering use their extensive experience & expertise to specify which of the many types of loudspeaker available will best suit your needs.Some examples of loudspeaker types are shown below:

  • Line Array loudspeakers can be slim, discrete columns & often available in RAL colours that can be closely matched to blend in with your site aesthetics
  • Steerable Array loudspeakers have the added advantage that they can be programmed to give the exact vertical sound dispersion pattern required - useful in difficult to sound areas.
  • Point Source loudspeakers give a localised sound dispersion pattern
  • Omni-directional loudspeakers flood the whole area with sound
  • Ceiling mounted loudspeakers fit flush into your ceiling
  • Hanging loudspeakers fit discretely into church archways