Audio Mixers

Microphones and other inputs to your audio system need to be controlled before being passed to the next stage in the chain. We will help you to decide if a manual mixing desk or automatic gating is the best option for your needs.

Manual Audio Mixing Desks are best where human judgement is required to decide which inputs are to be open and in what proportion they should to be passed on to the next stage. The obvious downside to this method is that an operator is required to work on the desk and being fallable, may make mistakes.

Automatic Gating Mixers use electronics to open or close a particular input according to pre-set rules and so need no operator and, when set up correctly,are consistant in operation.

Kirkpatrick Sound Engineering has the experience to guide you to the best audio mixer to suit your situation and the expertise to source and set up the equipment to give you the results that you require.

We use only high quality audio mixers from respected manufacturers such as those shown below:

Bi-Amp audio mixers
Symetrix digital  audio mixers
Rane audio mixers
Allen & Heath audio mixers
Soundcraft audio mixers
Audio-Technica audio mixers
Midas audio mixers

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