Whether it is a Public address church conference room or meeting room sound system the first components in the sound chain are microphones

Like the final link in the chain (loudspeakers/headphones) microphones are the componants that you interact with. You and your audience notice when these vital components are good or bad therefore:

quality and correct choice of microphone is the key to success.

Kirkpatrick Sound Engineering has the knowledge and experience to guide you in making the best choice of microphone and our choice of manufacturer guarantees the quality.

Sure microphones
Electro-Voice microphones
beyerdynamic microphones
DPA microphones
Audio-Technica microphones
Senhheiser microphones

There are many types of microphone available.Let us guide you.

Radio Microphones

Do I need a licence to operate my radio microphones?
Yes. It is required by law in the UK to be in possession of a licence to legally operate radio microphones unless you are using the
de-regulated spectrum between 863-865MHz
The whole area of wireless frequencies use has been in a state of change due to the UK government 'Digital Switch Over' programme.
As from 31/12/2012 some older radio microphone equipment may not be legal to use because of these changes.
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