These are just some of the manufacturers of audio/visual equipment that we may use to create the quality of system that we demand:

Christie high power projectors

Panasonic Televisions

RCF Loudspeakers


Installed Audio visual Systems - Cinema

Audio visual technology is so good and so accessible that we have all grown used to and expect amazing sound and graphics from the smallest 'tablet computer' to the largest cinema complex. The most important points to consider when thinking of an A/V system are quality, the size and type of space where it is to be fitted, correct installation and optimum setting up of the equipment before use. Another important point is that of 'future proofing' your system by installing the very latest technology.

Kirkpatrick Sound Engineering has a wealth of experience and expertise in choosing and installing audio-visual systems from 'Home Cinema' through to 'Community Hall Cinema' applications.

Home Cinema

We tailor your home cinema around your expectations, the size and shape of the room that you want to use and how that room is furnished to give you the best results for your budget.

Typically for a medium size room the system will consist of:

  • A large screen television with high colour fidelity, fast response times and crisp contrast. It will be full HD quality and if you require it, 3D capable.
  • A media player capable of playing the latest high quality media but also capable of handling recent legacy media types such as 'DVD' and 'Blue Ray'
  • A receiver/amplifier capable of delivering surround sound up to studio quality with connectivity options for a full range of media feeds such as USB, HDMI, 3D, gaming consoles and disc players.
  • Multiple loudspeakers together with a 'sub-base' loudspeaker so that you can enjoy the full range of sound up to studio quality

Comunity Hall Cinema

Milner Institute Cinema installation

Most community halls are required to be set up as 'multi use' facilities to serve a wide range of community interests, groups and needs. In order to fulfill this requirement the cinema system installed needs to embrace these needs or at the very least integrate with your existing public address and media systems.

A typical Kirkpatrick Sound Engineering cinema example is one that we installed for the 'Milner Institute' at Moore near Warrington.

Here we installed:

  • A ceiling mounted high power, high quality 'Christie' projector with a large retractable screen to give an amazing cinema experience.
  • Video is fed to the Christie projector from a Denon Professional DVD player.
  • High quality sound is handled by a Yamaha audio amplifier, two RCF column loudspeakers and one sub-base loudspeaker to give a 'full-on' cinema experience.
  • An Ampetronic induction loop driver provides hearing assistance via a 'T' loop system.
  • TOA radio microphones are included to enable public announcements

The whole system is configured to allow it to be used as a cinema, for music or for public address