To Kirkpatrick Sound Engineering each church installtion is special and provides its own unique challenge

We take great pride in installing a system that enhances worship with minimal visual impact on the fabric of your church

Installed Audio Systems - Churches

Although each church is unique and so provides a unique challenge in providing clear natural sound it is possible to identify basic building blocks common to most church installations.
Your church may need a selection of the following :

  • Microphones at the main working points such as lectern, pulpit and altar together with one or more radio microphones.
  • A gating automixer that provides automatic selection of the microphones in use or manual mixer system that allows you to choose which inputs are open during a service.
  • A media player/recorder to allow the playing of music as required during the service.
  • A master mixer to control the final mix of sound out of the system.
  • An amplifier that will provide sufficient output to drive your loudspeakers with minimum distortion.
  • Loudspeakers to deliver the sound output to your congregation.
  • An induction hearing loop system to provide sound to those who use hearing assistance via a 'T' enabled hearing aid.

Here's two that we installed earlier!

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St Marys Chuch TilstonSt. Marys Church Tilston.
We have had the pleasure of installing a new sound system at St. Mary's church at Tilston. Initial reactions from the congregation are all positive and one long standing member cried tears of joy at the difference the system made to her worship experience


Daresbury ChurchAll Saints Church Daresbury
A demanding project to provide a modern flexible multi-area sound system in a church with complex spaces and steeped in historical significance due to its association with the writer Lewis Carroll