SoundTube loudspeakers sit high up in the arches and are almost invisible under normal church lighting conditions.

Daresbury church loudspeaker

The whole 'front end' of this system consists of a Symetrix Symnet Cobra programmable digital unit that takes care of microphone switching and sound shaping together with feedback suppression and zone control.

Installed Audio Systems - Churches

In All Saints Church Daresbury we installed :

  • Microphones at the main working points - lectern, pulpit, rectors seat and altar together with four radio microphones.
  • Symetrix Symnet Cobra digital audio mangement system fully configurable to control automatic mixing room EQ feedback elimination and loudspeaker control all accessible through a touch screen tablet control computer connected via Symnet over a WIFI network.
  • Denon professional compact disc (CD) player to allow the playing of music as required during the service.
  • Two professional amplifiers that will provide sufficient output to drive the loudspeakers.
  • Sound Tube Loudspeakers to deliver the sound output to the congregation.
  • Separate 'fallback monitor' loudspeakers for the choir stalls.
  • Ampetronic induction hearing loop system to provide sound to those in the congregation that use hearing assistance via a 'T' enabled hearing aid.
  • Submix feeds off the main system to a separate chapel area and a new area dedicated to Lewis Carroll.